Sunday, March 08, 2015

I Think I Made Winter Go Away... finishing my Penelope Poncho. This super-bulky poncho (or as my son commented, "You're knitting a Snuggie!") was meant to be a stand-in for the blanket that I've been "wearing" in my drafty home office. I finished it today, just as the temperature skyrocketed to nearly 50 degrees--which feels like 80 degrees in comparison to the past 6 weeks or so.

The poncho was fun, easy and I think it looks nice. I think I'll still have some drafty days to wear it inside, but soon I may also be able to use it as outerwear in that transitional period between coat and light jacket.

I've also been making nice progress on my Manos Autumn Throw, with the discipline that I work on it every Saturday at Knitting Group and continue with a few extra rows during the rest of the weekend. I hope to have it finished by next winter!

Now that the poncho is done, I'll cast on my second GAP-tastic Cowl to use up the yarn I had left from the Shalom Cardi. I still need to determine, based on where I am on that, what project I will take on our forthcoming trip to California. Two long flights with ample knitting time!

In foodie news, we had a wonderful dinner at Quality Italian in NYC this weekend while my son was home for spring break. Just as delicious the second time.

Tomorrow I will try my next crockpot recipe, a Creole Shrimp dish from The Southern Bite. Will report back on how it turns out!