Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Marble Arches: One Down

I finished the first of my Socks that Rock Marble Arches socks, just in time for the first of this year's Rockin' Sock Club packages to arrive! I am really pleased with the way the yarn striped on this sock; I hope Sock #2 looks similar! I also love the new Socks that Rock colorway, and the pattern looks like one that I will be able to handle--not quite sure yet if I will use it or another. I won't give away too much info as I know everyone hasn't gotten their kits yet.

The Marble Arches photo is taken with the sock on my brand-new Fiber Trends Sock Blockers, which I purchased yesterday while on a business trip to Philadelphia. A meeting was canceled, which gave me time to sneak into Rosie's Yarn Cellar and purchase the Sock Blockers and a new pair of #1 DPN's. Now I am thinking I would like to try socks on two circs, and the consensus of my fellow Sock Club members is that the 24 inch length is the best, so I may use this opportunity to try the #1 circs to see how I like the KnitPicks Options needles...

Now it's on to Sock #2 and more on my Lace Sweater.


fiberspin said...

Awesome sock!!!! From one jersey beach person to another! I'm a NJ transplanted to CT. I can just smell Pt. Pleasant Beach now!

Margie said...

I finished sock one of my Marble Arches about the same time you did. I used a band heel (modified flap) and was very happy with how it looked. Picture is on my blog. Short row heels are not my favorite, but I've done 3 very recently. Hope your Inside Out sock is coming along too.