Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Ruffled Evening Bag

I have been working on the beautiful Ruffled Evening Bag, designed by Nicky Epstein in the Spring/Summer 2008 Vogue Knitting, for a month.
It was a lovely little project, even if it did mean I had to splurge for a second ball of Tilli Tomas Rock Star AND may now HAVE TO buy a skein of Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple to make something with the leftover Rock Star!

The bag, which will be used for a forthcoming special family event, came out just lovely. As I am not a sewer and the few other examples of this bag on Ravelry showed it with a fabric lining, I took it to my seamstress to line it with a pretty matching satiny fabric, and it made all the difference in the world, giving the bag body and making the remaining hand-seaming quite easy. I am going to love using this elegant bag!

In other knitting news, still plodding along on the Woodsy Ribs Vest, but I am almost up to the armhole on the front, which is a V-neck, so once I get there, it should be smooth sailing. Remind me that the best thing to make for a 6-foot tall man is socks!

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Donna Lee said...

The bag came out gorgeous. I love the color and the idea of making an evening bag. I have an old satin one that was my mother's when she was young that I use all the time but I think I'd like something fresh and different. Not that I actually go out all that often....