Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Calamity Becomes a Knitting Opportunity

Well, once again it's been awhile since I've blogged. Online life is a bit overwhelming, what with Twitter (I'm JerseyShoreDeb), Facebook and, of course, Ravelry. I have been working furiously on my husband's vest so that I could get it done--I started out not liking the intarsia work, but got into a rhythm and enjoyed it very much at the end. The finished result is really nice.
Too bad it's now too warm for him to wear the vest until next winter. Oh, well.

I decided to finish my Sweet Pea Socks before starting another larger project--the sock has been languishing since last summer and I thought it might help to work on it as my main project rather than a secondary afterthought. I am really enjoying it, I think I forgot how gratifying sock knitting can be, as it moves very quickly if you actually do it more than sporadically! I'm about halfway through the foot on Sock #1--I may be able to finish the pair in a week or so. The Silkie Socks That Rock seems to have a bit less give than an all wool sock yarn, which makes sense, but boy does it feel nice, and the colorway I'm using is beautiful. One day I'll be caught up to my two years' worth of unknit Rockin' Sock Club kits!

I've actually had a lot of time to knit this weekend as I broke my big toe Friday night. Just walked into a cement barrier in a restaurant parking lot. As someone who runs almost every day, the fact that I won't be able to exercise for six weeks is sort of freaking me out, but I guess it could be a lot worse. Spent yesterday with my foot propped on a pillow, knitting away on my sock. Yes, life could definitely be worse.

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