Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacation Decisions and a Chemo Cap for a Dear Friend

I am leaving for about 10 days' vacation in Italy later this week. As always, the selection of knitting projects to take along is uppermost in my mind as I start to formulate my packing list.

I have successfully completed the back of my Tess Microfiber Ribbon Top, and I know (I had been unsure) that I will have enough yarn to complete the front as well. This will be my "main" project for the trip.

I have been making lots of things for a dear friend who is going through chemo once again. I thought a chemo cap would be the perfect trip knitting, and found a lovely pattern and lusciuous, soft Alchemy Temple yarn. But...the hat knit up so quickly on a couple of recent, short train rides for work that I am finished!
I'll wait and send it to my friend until after we get back, and I will have had a chance to also complete the soft and fuzzy Lou Lou Comfort Socks out of the unbelivably luxe Lorna's Laces Angel. With the unintentional leftover skein of the Alchemy Temple, I may make another pair of the Lou Lou's--the Temple is too good to go to waste. I will either keep them for me or send them to my friend too.

Finally, in case all of these things get used up on the trip, I will start a shawl for my friend--I just joined the Ravelry Prayer Shawl Group so I will say a prayer and pour all of my wishes into this Ruffled Shawl, which I'll probably make with Noro Silk Garden that had been stashed for a Clapotis.

With all of these options, I hope there is time for sightseeing (and maybe a bit of yarn shopping)! Arrivaderci!

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