Friday, September 04, 2009

Socks Finished, Socks Started

In keeping with my recent tradition of completing socks in between my bigger projects in order to be somewhat monogamous for bigger projects, I finished my Solstice Slip socks after finishing my Ribbon Tank earlier this week. The Solstice Slips look great, and I had fun learning to cable without a cable needle. I do wish I had made the leg a bit longer, as I have plenty of yarn left...but I'm sure, like many of my hand-knit socks, they will stretch.

I immediately went back to my two-year-old un-knit Rockin' Sock Club pile! Next up was the Flower Power colorway, which was supposed to be made into the "Summer of Love Lace" pattern, an anklet with a lace cuff. I'm not wild about hand-knit anklets, so I searched around and selected the Spring Forward socks from which had been in my queue and are one of the most popular sock patterns on Ravelry. It's a nice, easy pattern, so it can be good travel knitting as well as hopefully yielding a pretty result.

This and the Clapotis will mean my current knitting projects are all pretty mellow. I'll be all set as the school year and football season begins, and multitasking knitting takes hold!

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Jeanne said...

Very cute socks - that's one of my favorite STR colorways! Good luck with your fall knitting!