Saturday, April 02, 2011

Happy Endings

Just back from a lovely, relaxing vacation in San Juan where there was ample beach, condo and airplane knitting time! I started and finished my very first commission project, the Royal Llama Silk Slouchy Hat, which I will mail away tomorrow. I liked doing a project on commission, but don't know how much time I will have for this when I'm not on vacation! Now that my family is ever-more enthusiastic about my projects, I'd probably rather knit for them--but it's nice to know these opportunities exist when I am able to partake of them. The hat is very cute and the yarn was nice--warm, but not wooly. A little splitty, but nothing that my Denise circul couldn't handle. I used the Denises for the first time in awhile, because the pattern called for a 16" circ. Why doesn't KnitPicks make 16" cables for their interchangeables, I wonder?
I also pretty much finished the Microfiber Ribbon Tank. I had traveled armed with my fusing supplies--FrayChek, Liquid Thread, regular thread. It turned out I didn't get to too many knotted ends until the very end, when I was already home. After all of the issues I had with this project, the final product is just beautiful and I think I have been enchanted with this ribbon again so that next time I'm at a fiber event where Tess Yarns is present, I'll probably buy more! I don't think I would forget how to wind it after my most recent debacle.
So now it's back to the University of Michigan afghan tonight. I ordered a yarn thimble from KnitPicks to see if that makes the Fair Isle easier--I'm determined to master it, and the stranding on these squares is so elementary (alternating one stitch in each of two colors--basically either vertical stripes or a checkerboard--that's it!), that I figure by the time I finish the entire afghan, I should be a master and ready to tackle more complicated Fair Isle (or I'll know that I don't like it!).
Also feeling a bit overloaded with all of the great new Videocasts out there...but I'm working through them. They're great company while I knit.

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