Sunday, February 26, 2012

Transverse Cardigan Is Done!

It feels great to have completed my first big project after my long hiatus making hats. The Transverse Cardi is really pretty and fits well. I followed a lot of suggestions from Ravelers, and while I am very happy with the way this sweater looks, I might try it again in a solid color and sticking more to the actual pattern (more cropped and without the wide band on both fronts). Now that I have made it and have seen how it all works, I think I would be more confident in trying it again and knowing how it would turn out. It is a really fun, ingenious construction. Even met the designer, Ann Weaver, on Ravelry during this process and that was fun.
Now I await casting on my first Knit, Swirl jacket. Before tackling this large project, however, I'm catching up on the Leafling Socks that I started last month. The bright green tonal is definitely not a colorway I would have picked myself (this is several years' old Rockin' Sock Club yarn), but I love it. I think I will smile looking down at my feet once these socks are done! So far, the leaf pattern on the leg is coming out very pretty. We'll see if I can handle what is reported to be a tricky heel construction. I ripped these back and cast on 66 stitches for the leg rather than 60; I'd rather have them a little higher (probably 7" leg, and a little looser rather than binding around the calf. I decreased down to 60 after a couple pattern repeats on the leg and will stay there for the rest of the sock.
Back to knitting!

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