Friday, May 19, 2006

Two Finished Objects, Starting New Ones

First, I've added the button for the Knitting World Cup on my blog (see right margin). I think this is an awesome idea and gives me more time to complete a project than during the Olympics. My son is a soccer player and I know we will be watching many of the World Cup Matches; also, my kids leave for summer camp at the end of June so I'll have time to knit more then as well.
Today I finished the "Wavy" scarf from Knitty, which I have been working on for about 4 months! Since I work on 3-4 projects at once, this one has fallen by the wayside as I've gotten more interested in socks, afghans, or other projects at hand. Pictures should be up shortly. I used Cascade 220 as called for in the pattern, in a pretty wine color.
I've also finished the adorable baby booties to accompany my yellow baby sweater.
Now on to a cute little shrug made out of my leftover Tess Ribbon, plus some other interesting yarns mixed in.

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