Friday, September 29, 2006

10 Knitterly Things About Me

In the spirit of Grumperina's blog and her meme, and because I have no pictures to post this week and not much progress on which to report, I'll jump in with Ten Knitterly Things About Me:

1. Knitting connects me to my mom and my sisters. We all knit, we all love to talk about knitting, and there's nothing I like more than sitting with the girls and knitting!

2. My mom wasn't able to teach me to knit. She knits the European way and knits VERY fast. So I bought a kid's knitting book when I was about 11 or 12 and taught myself from that.

3. I have a nice group of knitting buddies in my knitting group--these are women that I might not have otherwise felt close to, but knitting has definitely bonded us!

4. Knitting sometimes keeps me up at night. Last Sunday night I had all good intentions of going to sleep early, but I got a big tangle in my ball of Socks That Rock, and stayed up much too late untangling it!

5. Knitting blogs and Podcasts let me feel connected to knitting when I'm not knitting. I so look forward to reading my blogs, Yahoo list posts, and listening to my Podcasts.

6. I am beginning to be a sock yarn addict. I have 3 pairs of socks' worth of yarn right now, and am part of two sock yarn clubs that will bring me more over the coming months.

7. I mostly like to knit for myself. I like making baby gifts, but gifts for other members of my family haven't always worked out they way I've planned.

8. I have taken to scoping out knitting stores whenever I travel--whether it be for business or pleasure. I don't always get to go to them, but I always have an address ready in case I do have time to go.

9. I want to complete the TKGA Master Knitter Program, but I fear that it will take time away from my project knitting. Perhaps if I wind down from my job and have more extra time, I'll take this on.

10. I need to knit, even a little bit, each night. It's like a bedtime story for me...

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Charity said...

I love reading all these memes! It's so fascinating to learn all these new things about people :0)