Friday, September 08, 2006

Sock Update

Last Saturday, a day of torrential rain, I had ample opportunity to listen to my favorite Podcasts and finish my Maple Leaf Socks.
Here's a look at the finished product:

That very day I wound my first skein of "Socks That Rock"--yes, the one that was the MAY Sock Club offering--but better late than never. I now see what everyone is raving about with this yarn. It's springy, the colors are lovely, and it makes for wonderful knitting. I am doing the Rock & Weave Sock that came with the yarn; it's the one where you knit a cuff out of Linen Stitch, and then pick up stitches for the foot. It's different, and I hope I'll like it, but so far, the linen stitch is fun.
Here's my progress so far:

With 3 pairs of completed socks in my drawer, one on the needles and a few more on deck, I'm feeling like I may want to invest in Birkenstocks so I can show off my creations. I've never been a sock and sandal kind of girl, but hey, things change, and I do want to be able to admire my work along with feeling the warmth and comfort of hand-knitted socks!

The Lacey Poncho is also moving very quickly. I'm more than halfway, and with the gradual decreases, I bet I'll be finished in a week or so.

Next up: a series of shawls, with yarn reserved in my stash...

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Charity said...

Beautiful Maple Leaf socks! I bet you feel good getting them done :0)

Love the new yarn - how is the linen stitch for elasticity? The poncho is coming along nicely...