Thursday, August 31, 2006

Einstein is Done! And the Momentum Continues

I finally finished the Einstein Coat last week!

I gave the coat a nice Eucalan bath and, thanks to an inquiry I posted on KnitList, added some hair conditioner to the rinse to help soften up the Lopi. It worked like a charm. The coat is comfy and fits perfectly; I can't wait to wear it, even though I am not too pleased about the fall-like weather we've already been experiencing in August.

Once Einstein was done, I started the "Andrea's Lacey Poncho" from Shelridge Farms, which was a pattern and yarn that I had bought at Stitches East last fall. Originally I wasn't going to knit this as is, and had bought some yarn to mix it with in an Oat Couture shawl pattern. But on second thought, I decided to give this a try as is. These little "ponchettes" seem to be in for fall and would probably dress up a plan turtleneck and pants. The color is a nice denimy blue, called Misty Blue, which should work well with lots of outfits. Casting on 240 stitches and joining to knit in the round, I first started the lace pattern on the wrong row and had to start over, then twisted the knitting after it was joined in the round, and had to start over AGAIN. Thankfully, I'm now on Row 17 (of 82) and will do my first decrease round in 2 rows. I should be home free after that. Here's a look at where I am:

I also made a cute cell phone case for my daughter. I had made this once already with some stretchy and fuzzy Reynolds Frisky, and that didn't work out too well. So we remade it with some KnitPicks Shine that I had left over from a scarf I showed you several posts back. This one seems to be much better. Also, it took me about an hour of total knitting time from start to finish, so I don't mind making another...and another...perhaps holiday gifts in the future?


Charity said...

Einstein is really lovely! You look great - enjoy the new coat.Sorry to hear about the rough start - I HATE when stuff like that happens. Looks like you're smooth sailing now, though.

Jeanette said...

Thanks for posting about your Einstein coat to the friend is knitting this coat as her second project and I think she will enjoy seeing a photo of yours. GREAT COLOR!!!

Carol said...

Your Einstein coat looks fab! You did a great job.