Friday, October 27, 2006

The Sock Saga Continues!

I received my buttons for the "Rock and Weave" socks today. I like them and am now happily wearing my buttoned socks. Here's how they look:

It's kind of hard to see the button colors in the pictures (it's raining and dark and more of the same is predicted for tomorrow...I just wanted to get the pictures up!), but there is one aqua and one purple on each sock, and I reversed which one was on top on each. I'm pleased with them.

As for my next pair of Socks that Rock, I've done a few pattern rows of Hedera. I love the pattern, but it doesn't seem to be working with the STR yarn:

I realized that for Hedera, a solid color would work much better. I even emailed the pattern-writer,Cookie (whose blog is great!)and she confirmed that this is probably true. She gave me a great tip: when you want to see how others have done a pattern, do a search on flickr and you'll get lots of examples! Once I get my new camera I will set up a flickr site of my own. It's a lovely way to keep an online photo album and share it with others.

Anyway...since I'm not that far into the socks, I think I'm going to rip them YET AGAIN and try one of the patterns in Sensational Knitted Socks--either the Baby Cable Rib or the Elongated Cable Rib, which are more solid (less lacy) and should show off the STR much better. I just found a Knit-a-long for this book too, so that should be fun and helpful as I progress. I continue to marvel at the depth and breadth of the online knitting community!

I also need to decide in the next few days whether or not I will renew my STR club membership. It's so tempting, but I've just joined the Sundara sock yarn club, and it might be nice to try some of the Etsy vendors too. We'll see.

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aija said...

I like your switchup of the button placement :) I knit Hederas in a variegated green CTH Supersock-- love them :)

Good luck with finding a pattern for the STR!