Saturday, September 15, 2007

International Scarf Exchange

I may have mentioned that I got a spot on International Scarf Exchange 5, which is still taking sign-ups for a short while, I believe. I might want to dive into my sock yarn stash and make the Chevron Scarf as part of this project, assuming it's something my "giftee" likes once I see her/his survey answers. Another thought I've had for this is that I make the person a small shawl, which I think is acceptable, as I have been dying to do shawls but just don't generally consider myself a shawl person. If any of you out there have made the Chevron Scarf, how have you liked it? It's gotten very positive reviews on Ravelry and other sources.

I've been catching up on lots of knitting Podcasts and blogs the past week, in between the now hectic fall parent-chauffering schedule that is well under way. Progress continues on the Gatsby Girl, my husband's Sock #2 (fingers crossed that I'll have enough yarn), and the Midwest Moonlight Scarf, which could also be a candidate for ISE5.

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Micki said...

Actually, I'm knitting a chevron scarf right now. It's easy, practically mindless knitting, and it's fun watching the colors develop.