Friday, December 14, 2007

Holiday Fever!

Not content to make my slew of Everlasting Bagstoppers (I'm about halfway through the second one), and also admitting that I wouldn't finish enough of them for all the people I want to gift at work, I decided to use some of my stashed handmade washcloths to fill in the gaps. I had two washcloths and just cast on for a third. I'm using the Mason-Dixon Washcloth pattern that I made over the summer, and using up some of my assorted Peaches & Creme cotton. I think this will be it for me for washcloths--they really don't excite me. But I bought some cute wicker baskets at a local drugstore and will add some bath gel to each basket with the washcloth--I think it makes for a cute gift, don't you?

The bags will have to be for after holiday gifts..and maybe even for me.

Finally, I cast on for my son's University of Michigan color socks, using the Priscilla's Dream Socks pattern from Favorite Socks. I got them started through one color change and will now put them away for our holiday vacation--the washcloth and Bagstopper, as well as my husband's scarf (about 2/3 of the way done!!) all need to be done first.


Donna Lee said...

I have never made a washcloth but I love the idea of putting them with a bath gel or a lovely bar of soap for a gift. I guess I'll have to find that pattern and get me some cotton. It'll have to wait until after Christmas, though. Too much else to get done.

Theresa said...

I think those are great gifts for work. Very nice.