Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

As 2009 begins, I am thankful for good health, a steady job and a wonderful family, even though the health of some of our older family members is failing. We'll hope for the best on all fronts as we turn the calendar page for a fresh, new 12 months.

On the knitting front, I counted 17 finished objects on my blog sidebar for 2008, although I know there were others that I just didn't document on the blog. I have to say that if there was one trend in my knitting last year, it was knitting ADD--the inability to focus on one project. I attribute this most likely to the fact that I am reading more blogs, listening to more Podcasts, bought more books and certainly because of my fondness for Ravelry--I just can't seem to refrain from starting new projects.

I have also built up the biggest stash I've ever had, and hope to keep it at its present state and start to whittle it down this year. So what did I do to ring out 2008? Yesterday morning I bought 3 skeins of Lion Wool Prints to make a scarf for ISE7 Scarf Pal! Nothing in my stash seemed to match my Pal's preferences, so I bought something new and hope to use all 3 skeins for the scarf.
I tried two different patterns and settled on the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf and have already knit over a foot. I should have no problem finishing this easy and enjoyable scarf on time.

Yesterday I also couldn't resist a great new book, Knitting Noro, which I got at Borders with a 30% off coupon. I am in love with Noro yarns, but I fear that this book is going to cause me to buy more of them....we'll see. For now I'm just enjoying looking at the pictures and reading about this amazing yarn company.

While on vacation last week, I made great progress on the Tai Chi Cardigan while on vacation and I am now in the home stretch of that lovely project. This sweater, with its collection of bright and unusual colors and patterns, will always remind me fondly of our trip to Mexico--it almost has a feel of the Mexican textiles we saw throughout the week.

So now for a few knitting resolutions:
1. Try to contain my stash and work through my Ravelry queue
2. On a related note, knit more socks--I have so much stashed sock yarn and I usually have a pair of socks going as a secondary project at all times. The problem is, I'm now working on so many things at once that the socks continue to fall to the end of the line (the socks on my needles now were the only project I didn't work on out of 4 things I took on vacation, for example).
3. Learn some new techniques--last year I learned entrelac and mitred squares; maybe this year I'll work on colorwork.

That's probably enough for now--back to knitting while I have the day off!


International Scarf Exchange said...

Hi, Deb, I've emailed you about ISE7, hope to hear back from you soon! Skipper

Keti said...

Deb, I am so very happy to be able to tell you that I have received the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf you made for me for the International Scarf Exchange 7 !!! I am delighted with the scarf, and slightly embarrassed that you felt you had to go out of your way and buy some wool especially for me... I just love the colors and the way you made it so expertly. I adore 100% wool, and the colors suit me very well. Thank you for this, and for all the extras!!! Love, Malgosia :-)