Monday, August 09, 2010

Big Time Catch-Up!

I can't believe it's been exactly TWO MONTHS since I've last posted. I'm sorry (if there's anyone out there reading!).
Life has been hectic even though it's summer, which usually gives me a bit more time since my kids are away at camp. We completed our kitchen renovation in early July and that was very time-consuming and ate into both knitting and blogging time. We also went on a glorious vacation to France in late here we are.
First, some notes on the trip. I brought three knitting projects with me: a dishcloth (which I never picked up); my Salish Sea Socks (which I almost finished and did finish last night);
and my newly cast on Citron, which I am making in the gorgeous Dream in Color Starry in Black Parade, and which I am going to attempt to bead on the bind-off.
I worked on the Citron on the plane over and during some car and train trips, and worked on the socks at various intervals. I was all set to finish the socks on the plane trip home and make significant progress on the Citron--after all, the trip home was an 8-hour flight, all daytime hours--when BOOM! the dreaded confiscation of the needles that I've read so much about happened to me. We've gone on about 5-6 trips out of the country the past several years, and I've been lucky each time until now. I begged to keep my needles, but the French equivalent of the TSA was very unsympathetic. So I read and watched movies and pouted the whole way home.
Needles have been replaced now, socks finished, shawl on the fifth repeat (almost done, although the rows are getting Loooong!), and I guess all is well. But it still bothers me that needles aren't allowed on flights from Europe to the U.S.
On a brighter knitting note from our trip, I visited the outpost of La Droguerie in Le Bon Marche department store in Paris, and bought absolutely perfect buttons for my February Lady Sweater, which will wait until my Citron is done to be finished. The fantastic yarn, button and notion outpost in this luxe department store was absolutely fabulous!
So now I'm home, really enjoying the Citron, and about to cast on for my next socks--Serendipity, which according to my notes was the first sock of the 2008 Rockin' Sock Club year. This was the last year I participated, so I guess I'm down to five STR skeins once I finish this pair. I do have other sock yarn in my bin, but once I finish the Socks that Rock, I might think about joining another sock club. I do so love knitting socks! The Salish Seas were a lot of fun. My first Cat Bordhi pattern AND my first successful toe-up pair. Judy's Magic Cast-on finally clicked with me, and the arch shaping in this pattern was neat too. The socks fit very well and I see why people are in awe of Cat. I don't know how she thinks of all of these variations!
Kids are still away for a few more days and DH off on a business trip tomorrow--this is my last chance for a summer knitting marathon, and when I'm not at work, this is how I plan to spend my time!!

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