Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Love Beads!

Again, it's been far too long since my last post. I guess I am really writing this blog as a record for myself now, as I can't imagine anyone would be reading something that is updated so infrequently. Alas, life has gotten the way of both knitting and blogging. We have had some ill relatives and I now have a very ill, dear friend whom I've known for four decades. Suffice it to say that I've been preoccupied and sad.

I am also in a very stressful time at work, and I wish I could release that stress through knitting, but I am too busy working to have time to knit! Not a good situation. As a result, my Citron took me much longer than anticipated. The fact that I decided to go for seven pattern repeats--yielding a total of 732 stitches for the ruffle rows AND the beaded bind-off--also made this a slow process. I loved every second of it. I am hooked on knitting with beads! See my Ravelry page for more details. The favorites that come up on that project page will lead you to some of the tutorials I used for adding the beads and doing the beaded bind-off. I also got a lot of assistance in terms of what kinds and how many beads to buy, from Earthfaire. Excellent quality and customer service. I will DEFINITELY do more beaded knitting!

Now it's back to my Serendipity Sock and my February Lady Sweater. Hope there's more time for knitting and blogging SOON!

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