Saturday, October 23, 2010


I finished my Bauble bracelet, which was a lot of fun. I learned a lot about stringing beads for knitting (as opposed to knitting beads into yarn, as I did recently with Citron), and I think I'd like to try this again. I wasn't 100% happy with the way this looked when it was done, so I wove some of the elastic cord through the looser parts and I think it looks pretty nice now.
So now that this is done in record time, the question is, what do I cast on next. I COULD work more diligently on my Cable Comfort Throw, which has been languishing on my needles for some time, and which is nice to knit on in the cooler weather. But since it is so big and not right for traveling, I think I will swatch and cast on for the hooded vest that has been in my queue for a VERY long time. I can have both of these things, plus my current socks, going at once.
I wore my Citron to a Bar Mitzvah today. It felt great and I thought it looked great, although no one mentioned it. I think there needed to be other knitters there to appreciate it!

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Kris said...

Beautiful bracelet!I know what you mean about knitterly love -- I just wore my slouchy beret and matching cowl for the first time since Rhinebeck. Only one comment, of course from a knitter! That's why events like Rhinebeck are so wonderful and soul-nourishing, IMO. You need to be around people who can appreciate every so often!