Saturday, October 02, 2010

Keeping it Going

So it's now less than two weeks since my last post--good for me! My dear friend continues to decline and I am trying to appreciate all the good things and wonderful people in my life to offset the sadness I feel. I am also trying to knit more...and I appear to be a bit more successful in that. Fortunately, this is a quiet weekend so I think I will get my wish to knit, blog, and prepare for my (fingers crossed) trip to Rhinebeck in two weeks!
I finished the first of my Serendipity Socks. I didn't use the short-row heel directions given in the pattern; instead, I followed the short-row directions in Socks a la Carte, as they just seemed easier to follow. I think the whole wrap and turn process and I don't get along, while the book's version uses yarn overs that are then knitted together. It's just a different way of achieving the same result. I'm happy with this sock, and LOVING my new Eat Smart Kitchen Scale, which I bought after reading a review on Knitter's Review. Clara Parkes gave wonderful directions about how to determine how many yards of yarn are left in a ball by weighing it on the scale. I used it for my Citron, but it is particularly helpful in an instance like this, where I made the Serendipity leg a bit longer than the pattern stated, and wasn't sure if I'd have enough for the pair. After Sock #1, I have 200 yards left according to the scale, and the ball started with 360 yards--so I should be fine. At a time when I am stressed out, it's nice to have a tool that helps take some of the stress out of knitting.
I ordered and received from Earthfaire a kit for the Bauble bracelet from This will be my next beaded project, and I am excited! The question is, do I start and make this next, or finish my long-neglected February Lady Sweater--I just have the sleeves to do, and if I can do one sleeve per week, I can wear this to Rhinebeck! I'll decide by tonight--have some movies taped and ready to knit the night away!

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