Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vogue Knitting LIVE!

I attended Vogue Knitting live this past weekend and had a wonderful time. Took the train into NYC bright and early on a frigid Saturday morning. I attended a so-so lecture (in her defense, the lecturer was a sub for someone who couldn't show up), reveled in the marketplace, and took a great lace class with the diva herself, Anne Hanson.
The marketplace was smaller than at other events I've attended, such as Stitches or Rhinebeck, but there were some top-notch vendors including one of my favorites, Tess Yarns. Got my fix of the Microfiber Ribbon in a pretty tonal brown. Unfortunately, I only remembered part of the specific winding instructions--I correctly turned my swift on its side, but I incorrectly used a ballwinder, which is a no-no. I had to rewind both balls and needless to say, this was quite a mess. I have since researched and learned that ends can be joined by a little sewing with thread, and ends can also be secured with Fray-Check, which I now own! I think I will be fine and I will make the Ribbon Cable Tank, a pattern I had from the last Microfiber Ribbon I bought! I also bought some yummy Cultivated Silk and Wool in a beautiful teal color; I will use it for the Tuesday Night Cowl, which was on display in several different Tess fibers.
My other purchase was from the booth of one of my LYS's, Down Cellar in Basking Ridge, NJ. I bought 2 skeins of Misti Alpaca Chunky Handpaint in a lovely brown/blue mix (colorway Falstaff), and last night at Book Group I cast on the Loop of Luxury from Cowlgirls, a book I recently won! This yarn is unbelievably soft and beautiful. Can't wait to finish it...this is making it hard for me to go back to my argyle vest, but I am making good progress (almost done with the front!), so I will persevere.
Finally, I met some new friends who are from the next town to me. We exchanged Ravelry names and hopefully we will get together to knit!

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