Sunday, March 20, 2011

Go Blue! (Despite Today's NCAA Loss)

Finished my daughter's Earflap Hat--this is a fantastic pattern, and the Cascade 128 is a dream to work with. The hat is absolutely adorable, easy to make (completed in 2-3 nights with about an hour's knitting time each night), and looks great on my girl. I am very pleased with it.
After finishing the hat, I immediately cast on for the coordinating blanket, for which I'm altering a baby blanket pattern I saw on Ravelry. About half of the blocks are one by one vertical stripes--which I realized means they are Fair Isle! Well, I hemmed and hawed and ripped this thing about five times, thinking I wasn't ready for Fair Isle and that doing a slip-stitch pattern would be easier. But I just didn't like how the slip-stitch stripes looked versus the Fair Isle ones. I read as many tutorials as I could get my hands on, and took the plunge with the Fair Isle. Since I don't know how to knit Continental, I can't really do the two-handed hold for the Fair Isle, so I'm using the right-handed hold and hoping for the best. I know I'm not doing it perfectly as far as technique goes, but the fabric is coming out very nicely and I am sure I will be more proficient by the time I finish this project.
I am also plugging away on the ribbon tank. After knitting more than 9 inches, I have only gotten to one knot from where I had to cut the tangled yarn. So I think the tangling wasn't as bad as I remember. I think I will just about have enough ribbon for this tank, but that's fine. The bottom is curling also; I may have to hem it if it doesn't steam flat.
Finally, I have been searching for a large knitting back, and finally settled on the Vera Bradley "Vera" bag. I have ordered it in the Purple Punch (now being discontinued) colorway and can't wait to receive it!

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Rebecca said...

gorgeous daughter you have there! i dont know if it will help but knitpicks has a little ring type thing you can wear that you thread your yarns through for fair isle and that way you keep them separate. i knit continental so i'm a picker and it works ok for me but if you throw i dont know if th ering would work...