Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The Tess Microfiber Ribbon that gave me a lot of trouble in the winding (partly, of course, because I didn't read the very clear winding instructions on the back of the label because I thought I knew better from last time I used this yarn), has also given me a bit of trouble as I started a project with it.
I decided to make the Essential Tank from Custom Knits, but make some mods based on the new Nicky Epstein Knitting on the Edge book I bought. The first edging I tried had you rotating the needle 360 degrees to make a twisted bit every 11 stitches. That's fine if you're working flat, but kind of a scary disaster if you're working in the round! Fortunately I was able to rip back and re-cast on without much trouble, and chose a different edging pattern...a very simple scallop that I think will look nice. Then, I decided to replace the ribbing in the center with a leaf motif from the Nicky book. I must have done something wrong on one of the first few rows, so I ripped that back and started yet again. Now things are moving along; I have about 2 inches done. It looks like it will be very close-fitting, which is what I am aiming for, as this ribbon stretches like crazy. We'll see. There's just something that hasn't been perfect with this batch of Microfiber Ribbon; I'm hoping the end results will be pleasing.
Tonight I will also cast on for my daughter's U of Michigan Earflap Hat, in honor of her committing to attend the University of Michigan next year! Lots of maize and blue yarn in my future! After the hat, I have an afghan queued up!
Did finish one of my On Hold Socks--looks very pretty! Will finish the second one after the tank is done.

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