Sunday, April 24, 2011

We Interrupt This Afghan

The University of Michigan Afghan for my daughter has been going along well. The Cascade 128 Superwash is just wonderful, and the big needles and easy pattern go quickly. I've finished one whole strip and blocked it, to ensure that the afghan will be as long as my daughter would like it. It is over 60 inches long blocked, so with the addition of a border, this should definitely be long enough. My goal is to finish strip 2 by the end of May, strip #3 by the end of June, strip #4 by the end of July, and do the border/finishing in August.
In the meantime, though, now that the weather is FINALLY getting a little warmer, I decided I needed an alternative project to break up the afghan a little. I heard about the Roxanne Mystery Shawl KAL on a the Work in Progress Podcast and decided to cast on with some of my leftove KnitPicks Palette in Pool. I have always wanted to knit one of Liz Abinante's shawls, so this is my chance! I don't know that I'll keep up with the weekly clues, as this will get to be a pretty large project, but I am really enjoying it so far. I'm almost halfway through Clue 2. There's something very nice about a rhythmic lace pattern...I see more shawls in my future.

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Rebecca said...

what a beautiful color - i agree X 1000 about the lace knitting - love it!!! had forgotten how much so!