Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting for the Storm

As we in New Jersey and elsewhere on the East Coast await Hurricane Irene, I finished the first of my Cauchy socks for my It was a bit challenging figuring out how to modify the pattern as the yarn is very skinny--about 9 stitches/inch, which is smaller than I'm used to for socks and different from the pattern's gauge. I finished sock #1 this morning and it fits its intended wearer, but does need to be stretched slightly for a perfect fit on the foot.
I'll start Sock #2 right away to prevent second sock syndrome, but will then cast on another earflap hat for one of my daughter's friends--the first of many as "my girls" head off to colleges around the country. I've become an expert at determining college colors from the Web--many actually have a page with their official Pantone colors. This first hat will probably be finished on our 8+ hour drive to take our daughter to school in a few days. I hope the rhythm of the stitches will keep me calm as I prepare to separate from my wonderful daughter!

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Rebecca said...

i too hope the rythm and delightful feel of the yarn will give you strength solace and comfortive meditation as you travel to your daughter's new temporary ome. best of luck to your dd (and you!).
here's to an exciting and fulfilling first semester for your daughter