Saturday, March 17, 2012

Knit, Swirl, Fun!

I've been a busy knitter lately! Finished the Uisce Shawl that I started last summer and that was put aside (along with my Transverse Cardigan) while I was in my sock-making frenzy. I like the Uisce and would like to make something else from the Four Elements Booklet that I bought for this pattern--maybe the Talamh cardigan? Carol Feller's instructions are clear and the deep waffle pattern was fun and interesting. A beautiful piece and I have worn it two days in a row already! Have to get some scarf/shawl wearing in before it gets REALLY warm!
Still chugging along on my Leafling Socks. The heel construction didn't turn out to be too bad, and Sock #1 is beautiful. I can now confidently knit sock two knowing the number of rows, the fit, and the fact that I weighed my yarn after Sock #1 and have more than half the ball left, so I know I won't run out. I made the legs about 7 1/2", which I like better than the 5-6 inch length that many sock patterns are written for. The Socks that Rock Medium-weight skein is evidently big enough to handle the longer length--probably because I have relatively small feet.
So now it's on to my first "Knit,Swirl!" sweater--Shades of Grey. I'm using the Berroco Lustra and Boboli that I bought at Down Cellar's Super Bowl sale. So far, so good--on a business trip this week, I had some quiet time in the hotel room and I turned on some knitting Podcasts and did Welt #1. I even successfully joined the 520 stitches in the round without twisting--even using Sandra McIver's detailed technique for preventing twist, I was holding my breath through the entire row until I knew I didn't have a Mobius!
I will be working on this sweater for some time, I think, and then have a new project queued up--the OpArt blanket for a co-worker who is going to be a dad (with his wife who is a former coworker). I'm waiting to see whether it's a boy or girl to decide on colors--either the black and white of the original, or possibly a rainbow effect like one I saw on Ravelry.

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