Thursday, November 14, 2013

Serious Knitting for A Cold Winter!

With both of my children at school in Michigan, I feel the need to keep them warm from afar. I am happy to report that I finished my daughter's sweater, the fabulous Estelle Pullover by Linden Down. I am going to wait until she comes home for Thanksgiving to block it--she may want it a little longer and perhaps a little wider (not so form-fitting). I have been trying it on as I go (thank goodness for Try-It-On-Tubing!) and it fits me great--I will probably make another one for me. We are almost the same size, so I think with a little blocking it will be perfect on her too. Image

The Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted is Superwash, so it should have a lot of give/growth during blocking.

Next up, in between a few Etsy shop orders I've gotten, is a nice warm scarf for my son, who is experiencing the Michigan winter for the first time (and it came early this year!). I found a great pattern in Cathy Carron's 60 Quick Knits, and I'm altering it to use bulky yarn, which I use almost exclusively for my shop items. We have a long car trip coming up this weekend, so I should be able to make good headway on that and have it ready for him for Thanksgiving too.

Nice to know that maternal instinct can be satisfied through knitting--I know they've always got a little bit of Mom's love wrapped around them.

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atangledyarn84 said...

I need to make this sweater!!!