Thursday, November 07, 2013

Moving Toward Completions

I am making great headway on my Estelle Pullover for my daughter. I want to finish by the time she comes home for Thanksgiving break. So far, this is a great pattern--I want to make one for myself after I finish this one (just like the last sweater I made for her!)


I was very careful to take lots of measurement checks during sleeve #1, as I had read a lot of Ravelry comments about the sleeves being tight. Now that I have the measurements down, sleeve #2 is flying. I had set a goal of 20 rounds per week, and I've already done 36 rounds for this week with three days left! I may just finish next week. The ChiaoGoo circulars are great, but it is hard to manipulate the small size for the sleeve as the cord is very inflexible. On sleeve #1, I switched to DPN's about half way through and I think I'll do that again. I hadn't used DPN's in a long time, as I usually favor Magic Loop. It's kind of nice to go back to my circular knitting roots!

In the meantime, however, I got another order in my Etsy shop today, thanks to a dear friend who let her friend know that I was selling University of Michigan-themed hand knits. Trying to do initiate a number of different advertising campaigns--on Etsy, on Ravelry, and on Google. So far, the word of mouth method is working the best! But time will tell.

On my way to a meeting tomorrow that may yield some clearer direction about my career and my ability to focus more on my knitting. Fingers crossed.

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