Sunday, October 27, 2013

Favorite New Stretchy Bind-Off

I have been experimenting with various cast-ons and bind-offs since I've been doing so many accessories for my shop. Many of these items (headbands, some of my hats, fingerless mitts) need stretchy cast-ons and/or bind-offs. Since I've gotten the excellent book, Cast On, Bind Off, 54 Step by Step Methods, by Leslie Ann Bestor of WEBS, I've found a treasure trove of methods to try.

The winner today: The Lace Bind Off (aka Russian, Purl Two Together) which I used for my latest headband.


It doesn't leave a gap between the last row of knitting and the bind-off, as some of these methods do. Instead, it leaves a nice, neat, but stretchy finished edge. It's also quick and easy. I'll continue to try and report on other techniques!

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