Friday, October 04, 2013

Science Proves What We Know: Knitting and Reading Are Good for Us!

I was thrilled to read the results of a study conducted by researchers at The New School for Social Research and published in the journal Science. As The New York Times reported,
"[the researchers found] that after reading literary fiction, as opposed to popular fiction or serious nonfiction, people performed better on tests measuring empathy, social perception and emotional intelligence — skills that come in especially handy when you are trying to read someone’s body language or gauge what they might be thinking.

The researchers say the reason is that literary fiction often leaves more to the imagination, encouraging readers to make inferences about characters and be sensitive to emotional nuance and complexity."

I love knowing that there is a scientific reason to read wonderful literature.

Similarly, some studies have shown that knitting is an important stress reliever--and are formalizing it through programs such as Project KnitWell, an organization based in Washington, DC hospitals that brings knitting to those in stressful situations.

As knitting and reading are my two greatest passions, I think I can pursue both this weekend without guilt. After all, it's good for me and those around me. I urge you to do the same!

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