Thursday, November 23, 2006

My New Camera!

Today, Thanksgiving, I am giving thanks for my wonderful family, friends, good health...and my very cool new digital camera!
I had been using my daughter's camera for the shots I've taken for the blog, and then either emailing the pictures to myself or uploading them to a shared folder. My awesome new Nikon Coolpix S7c allows me to wirelessly transfer the pix to my computer or email them to me (or anyone else) from any wireless hotspot. I have not totally mastered all of its many functions, but one that will be great for the blog is the Macro Close-up Mode, which will allow me to get down to the stitch level on my projects.
Here's the first knitting picture I took, of the leg of my Elongated Corded Rib Sock #2:

Pretty neat, right?

I also zoomed in on something I've been obsessing about: on my Pink Suede Jacket, I have completed the full 40-inch bottom piece (it wraps all around the body and you even knit in little i-Cord ties at each end. I picked up the stitches for the top part and then had to increase several stitches across, on a wrong-side row. After doing this using the purl in front then purl in back technique, I noticed (about 6 rows of 172 stitches later) that on the right side row, you could see the horizontal bars where I'd increased. I decided to rip back as I couldn't live with this. I then consulted one of my favorite books, The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques, and chose the "Make One" increase, as it was said to create an invisible increase on both knit and purl sides. It did, and I was much happier with the look of the piece, EXCEPT for one small area where a couple of stitches were somewhat loose--I tried a few repairs and I think it's finally at a point where it won't be noticeable. It is also in the right at the edge where the back and right-front meet, so that will help too.

So...I took one of the Macro-Closeups with the new camera to really see how that mistkae looks. The good news: I don't even think it's perceptible.
What do you think?

At any rate, although I am a perfectionist, I will not rip back again just for this. I'm enjoying this jacket, although the suede really is unforgiving in showing any type of error or unevenness of the knitting.

Time to go back to turkey-basting and hopefully sneak in a little more knitting!

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