Friday, December 08, 2006

A Learning Opportunity

I've spent quite a bit of time on my toe-up socks this week. I won't exactly call them Widdershins anymore, because I've deviated from the pattern, using other toe-up sock "recipes" to guide me. I decided to use the simple Short-Row Heel method from Sensational Knitted Socks. Charlene Schurch's directions continue to be among the clearest around (in my opinion), and the fact that she has you use markers to help with the Short-Rowing was a great aid to me. I have now turned the heel and am ready to start up the leg:

I'll have to measure the sock on my daughter once I knit enough for her to try on.
I knit the heel with size 0 needles (I'm doing the body of the sock on 1's), and I think the 0 might have given a tighter, less open, feel. I might consider switching to 0's for Sock #2...although that might be a bit weird.
So far, I must say my experimenting with toe-up socks has led me to the conclusion that I prefer top-down! But I always wanted to try this method, so I'm glad I did. Lots of new learning here.
I am already in love with "Monkey," Cookie A.'s new socks on the brand-new edition of I love her patterns, but may just love this one best. Can't wait to make it!
I have completely neglected my Pink Suede Jacket. I may go back to it a bit this weekend, as I'm itching to start some of my new projects (Yarn bought at Stiches East, etc.) but I won't start something new until this jacket is DONE!

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Deborah said...

My disaster into sock knitting will now be referred to as my "learning op" into sock knitting thanks to your smart post! Thanks for the inspiration!