Saturday, December 16, 2006

Knit From Your Stash 2007: Count Me In!

I've been reading on Wendy's blog about "Knit from Your Stash 2007." This is a great New Year's Resolution for me--I'm going to do it! It should be pretty easy, given the stash I built up at Stitches East in November, and given the exemption for sock yarn, I'm in great shape!

Incidentally, today's package from the Socks that Rock Club is absolutely beautiful! I love the little graduation certificate we each received for completing the 2006 Sock Club, although having made just two pair from STR yarn so far, I'm considered a "Hopeful Sock Knitter!" I feel OK about that, given that I've made several other pairs of socks using other yarn. One of the new STR patterns even involves knitting with beads, which is something I had just mentioned I want to try.

There are definitely enought projects to keep me "Knitting from My Stash."

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Larjmarj said...

Sounds like a really great resolution! Think I may have to jump on the band wagon. Realistically...I could knit from my stash for a LONG time. However one of my favorite LYS's has a really great sale in January....I am torn...