Friday, December 15, 2006

Slow Progress

I feel like I have made some progress on my projects this week--I finished the first of my toe-up socks, and even added a cute little picot edge (althought it was curling under like crazy, until I think I steamed the curl out of it for good!)I'm pretty happy with it, what do you think:

I have now completed the "Easy Toe" with the provisional cast-on for the second sock and it went much easier than with the first one--so I guess I really am learning something from these socks. It also looks like I'll have quite a bit of sock yarn left, so I may make the FIngerless Garter Mitts from "One Skein," using the beads as they suggest. Just another thing to add to my "To Knit" list--although I did buy a beading needle today in anticipation!
Speaking of projects to come, I hear that the next skein in the "Rockin Sock Club" is on its way--even though it will be months before I get to it, I'm excited to see it!
One more observation for this week--I've been trying to work more on my Red Scarf, as December is halfway over and it will be January, the due date for the scarf, before I know it.
Here's what a piece of it looks like; I currently have about 30 inches done.

The Ann Budd "Ribbed Scarf with a Twist" pattern is rhythmic and relaxing, but it has taken me a while to memorize even this simple pattern, because this has been such a start and stop project. So I've observed that working on a project more frequently (which really means not having several things going at once) allows you to memorize the pattern and make the knitting more relaxing. Which is something we all need, right?
Happy Hanukkah, everyone!

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