Saturday, January 20, 2007

Can't Resist these Knit-alongs!

Either my willpower or attention span are weak at the moment.

Not only did I decide to do the FunFur Hats that Kate is organizing, but I also saw this nifty link for the Square-a-long, a site "solely dedicated to distributing patterns, info, etc. related to test knitting for Larissa & Martin Brown’s upcoming book about knitalongs and other kinds of social knitting." The first knit-a-long asks each participant to knit a 7-inch square out of sock yarn, that might be included in the book or will otherwise be part of an afghan that will be donated to Warm Up America, a cause with which I've always wanted to get involved anyway.

So, I'm almost done with FunFur Hat #2 and am awaiting delivery of size 13 dpns to make the other two hats that I'll contribute this project. While I wait for the needles, I can work on the Square-a-long square. And in between that, work on my Ribwarmer, which is nearing completion. My Titania's Revenge socks are languishing through all of this, but I'm sure I'll be back to them soon.

Now, even though I'm using up some nice stash with all of these projects, my resolve to Knit from My Stash this year is weakening. I've just taken the Cables Untangled book, by Melissa Leapman, out of the library. I really want to make one of the beautiful sweaters in this book, either the Tweed Pullover or the Turtleneck, and one of my local yarn shops is having its annual Super Bowl sale in two weeks. This year, you can even go in a week ahead of time and pick out what you want, then go buy it for a discount on Super Sunday. So...I've been thinking...maybe yarn for one of those cable sweaters...we'll see how my willpower goes. After all, that FunFur was taking up some space that is now available...

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