Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

After making the Clementine Shawlette in less than a month, I am now adjusting to the fact that my next major project, the Muse Wrap from "The Very Gorgeous Sublime Kid Mohair Book," is going to take quite a bit of time! I cast on a week ago and after a few days and just 17 rows, I had to rip out the whole thing. Not an easy task with mohair, mind you. This is the type of project that is difficult to rip out a few stitches or part of a row, and I just hadn't had the feel for the pattern, so there were mistakes every few rows. After casting on again, I feel that I really know the pattern and can tell as I knit across if I am making a mistake or on the right track, so frogging shouldn't be necessary again (I HOPE!) I am now back to row 18, where I left off.

That's the good news. The bad news is that this pattern is supposed to be 400 ROWS long! Since I am short, I expect that I won't have to knit that many rows, but nevertheless, this will not be a quick project. It is also not the type of project that is easy to put down mid-row, so I think it will be strictly at-home knitting. The yarn does feel luscious, and the pattern is knitting up very pretty, so I know I'll enjoy the finished product, it's just far from an immediate gratification item!
This means my Saucy Socks are getting more attention--I'm about ready to turn the heel on the first one, and the Socks That Rock feels soooo nice as a contract to the fuzzy mohair--and I may even pick up my long-ago started Manos Four Seasons Afghan as another alterative, on-the-go project as well. The afghan isn't even in my Ravelry projects, it's that much of an afterthought at this point. I do hope to give it more attention, and the slow pace of the mohair may cause that to happen.

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