Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Sock Down, Too Many Projects in my Head!

I have been spending more time working on my Saucy Socks, and finished sock #1 while watching "Into the Wild" with my husband last night (great movie and even better book). I broke my second DPN on these socks--the set was old and bending, and I think because these socks are made with 4 DPNS instead of 5, I had trouble trying the sock on with just 3 needles around. I ordered a set of KnitPicks Harmony DPNs to replace this set; it will be a good way for me to try out the Harmonies and also finish Sock #2 without a struggle.
The Muse Wrap is coming along now that I have ripped and reknit it--I can "read" the pattern MUCH better now and have caught a few mistakes before they become too serious (in other words, before finishing a row!). However, this project is long--I am on row 78 of 400 projected--and does require some concentration. So my mind has been wandering in a couple of other directions:
1)Ready,Set Knit Podcast is going to be doing the Staghorn Tunic as a knitalong. I showed my daughter the pattern while visiting her at summer camp, and she liked it! So I've ordered the yarn and thought it would be fun to knit along with Kathy and Pixie.
2)Dishcloths--this has never really been my thing, but I do like the Peaches & Creme cotton that I've used for various projects and I have decided I would actually like to start using dishcloths rather than sponges in my kitchen. So I joined the Yahoo and Ravelry Peaches & Creme Cloth of the Week groups and may buy a skein or two to take with me on vacation. This will, however, put my Four Seasons Throw even more on the back burner.
The dangers of the Web, and more time on my hands to surf while the kids are at camp! But good problems to have.

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v said...

I'd rather be knitting at the beach, too. Or for that matter, anything at the beach! I am on the Oregon Coast and find that knitting down on the sand is rather tricky, especially on a windy day. But, it you find a secluded alcove and your favorite cotton yarns, it can a great way to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Get a tan and get busy producing a garment. Bring a mini cooler with lunch and drink. Perfect day.