Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Spring/Summer Cleaning

I had some time today to organize my bookmarks--I have been going crazy bookmarking sites that have sock yarn. I am committed to working through my stash for the next several months--or at least the next several pairs of socks--but I have been intrigued by my first visit to the Etsy site today. As soon as I am ready to buy more sock yarn, I think that's where I'll go.
I also received a neat gadget that I had originally seen on the Yarn Harlot's site. It is a little tin cylinder (a replica of a double-point needle holder used in New England in the 1700's, according to Jen of Wooolworks, Ltd., who sells the product. The cylinder is a bit longer than I was expecting, but fits in my portable sock bag easily, means no scrambling to find the 5th needle after putting my work down--just pop it in the tube! It keeps all 5 PDNs organized and secure.
Now my goal is to finish my current (Embossed Leaves) socks, which I should be able to do any day now, and make some further progress on the rest of my WIPS!

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