Saturday, June 03, 2006


I finished my KnitPicks Stockpot Scarf today, so that I can free up my needles and my "one scarf at a time" quota to make a scarf for my One Skein Secret Pal. The yarn I ordered for that should be arriving on Monday.
As for the Stockpot Scarf, it came out pretty, but the "Butterfly Kisses" yarn is reminiscent of Fun Fur, and I can't help feeling that this is a dated project. I bought this yarn about a year ago. It made me realize that, while it's nice to have a stash, it's also important to keep "classic" fibers in the stash because if more "trendy" yarns are kept too long, I will not want to make anything out of them when I get around to using them.
Oh, well...I do still like the scarf--it is done in pretty shades of green and yellow "Shine Twist" (which is wonderfully soft and lovely to work with) plus the orange Butterfly Kisses, and I have two summer suits that it will really jazz up. I will wear it proudly!

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