Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Back to the Drawing Board

I had been very enthusiastic about my Maple Leaf Socks, part of the Knit-a-long I've been referencing in past posts. I started the socks at the beach over the 4th of July Holiday, but they just weren't coming out right--see for yourself in the picture. I didn't like the yarn, the pattern didn't look as nice as the other versions I was seeing in the KAL Photo Album, and I just wasn't a happy knitter.
Lo and behold, I received an email from Afghans for Afghans, another list that I have joined but have never made anything for. They are now doing a big push for warm winter items, particularly for kids. So, I've come up with a win-win: I'm going to rip out the Maple Leaf Sock, use the Fortissima Socka Colori for a colorful hat for an Afghan child. The site encourages bright colors and particularly green, so this colorway should work out perfectly. I found a cute hat pattern in my Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar and plan to start immediately in order to make the July 21 deadline for Afghans.
Then, I will persevere with the Maple Leaf, and plan to purchase some nice sock yarn that I'll love at the TKGA Convention in Philadelphia, which I plan to attend this Friday. I am interested to see what this organization is all about. I've recently joined and--I'm not sure why--I think I'd like to try out the Master Knitting Program, just to say I did it.

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Charity said...

How do you like the Knitting Pattern a day calendar? I looked at it in January, but was too slow, and missed them all :-( I was thinking about adding it to my Christmas list, though.