Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Learned to Crochet!

I can't believe I haven't had much time to talk about the Knitting Guild Association Knit & Crochet Show that I attended a couple of weeks ago in Philadelphia. As I mentioned, I had joined TKGA with the thought of starting their Master Knitting Program, and I am still contemplating doing that in the fall.

I just attended the market at the show. I was proud of myself: I went with a list of things I "needed," and got everything on my list, with nothing extra except a set of KnitKlips, which I think will be useful as I take on more of my own finishing work. If anyone has used KnitKlips, I'd love to hear about how they worked for you.

Along with everything I bought AND a lot of free yarn that was given to me as a TKGA Member (pictured here),

the most fun part of this event was that I learned to crochet! I have wanted to learn for so long; I just felt that it would be a nice complement to my knitting and that it might be useful in trimming and finishing garments. At TKGA, they had an area set up where volunteers taught people how to knit or crochet. It was a lot easier for me to watch someone crochet than to learn from a book, which I had tried to do. I learned how to chain, single crochet and double crochet. Now I may get Debbie Stoller's new book and learn more from that. It was all very exciting, and I have been practicing a bit each day in between knitting projects!

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Charity said...

Crochet looks like a lot of fun! I learned years ago, but only made an afghan, and then forgot most of what I knew.