Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fun Fur Fini!

Tonight I finished the last of my five FunFur hats for Kate's project for kids with cancer. I will try to ship them off in the next day or two. I made the last hat in about an hour! I may try to make another hat, but may save that one for another charity project, as it will not be made of something soft and fuzzy.

I am now furiously working on Titania's Revenge--the second sock is proving even more challenging than the first, as far as the patterning on the foot goes. After a massive yarn tangle last week, I was fearing that I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish, so I want to zip along on these to determine whether I have to order another skein from the ladies at Blue Moon Fiber Arts! I THINK I'm going to make it--yay!

I have not even started my next "big" project yet, just so I will be sure and finish the socks soon. I am debating between making Clapotis out of the Brooks Farm Duet that I bought at Stitches East, or mixing the Duet with some Rowan Cashsoft DK, in the pretty teal "Kingfisher" colorway, that I picked up at my LYS's Super Bowl sale...to make Sally Melville's Panel Party Pullover from "The Knitting Experience: Color." I will swatch the Cashsoft over the weekend and then make my decision. I was all set to make the pullover--hence the yarn purchase--but someone at the Super Bowl Sale was wearing a Clap, and it did look nice!

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Patricia said...

Yes, yes...see you are one of the intimidatorati. Scary stuff, Tatiana. I'm casting on sock 2 rather than take a metal break, lest I forget. Happy Knitting!