Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hail Titania, She is DONE!

Yes, it's happened--I've finished Titania's Revenge Sock #2!!! Yay!
Sock #2 was even more challenging than Sock #1, but they did come out pretty. Actually, a sock with a lot of lace that pulls in with k3tog's like these doesn't accentuate my calves to their most flattering, but I'm sure they'll look and feel great, particularly after washing.

I just wound my next ball of Socks that Rock, Pink Granite, which is a gorgeous blend of pinks, creams, and grays. I'll try the STR pattern supplied with this yarn, it's called Marble Arches and the pix I've seen of finished ones look great.

Tonight I will also swatch my Rowan Cashsoft and see what direction I want to go with my next sweater. A quiet weekend is ahead, so hopefully lots of knitting can get done.


Emma said...

Wow, those look really pretty!

Patricia said...

Good for you. You redeemed yourself by confiding that the second sock was faster to knit. I hope that my experience matches your terrific results. I'll see you at the Marble Arches?