Sunday, May 06, 2007

One Step Forward, One Step Back

I am cruising along on my Pittsburgh Steelers socks for my son. It is also nice to have such an enthusiastic recipient! He readily tries on the socks at various stages (now that Sock #1 is done, we won't have to take as many measurements), and can't wait to wear them to a football game in the fall.

Sock #2 should be finished shortly, and then I will move on to my Sockapalooza sock.

Speaking of Sockapalooza, I have left a comment on my sock pal's blog, but haven't heard yet from the person who has me. I'm sure I will, in due time.

As for my BonBon tank, it is now this:

I had thought I had gotten gauge, but as I knit in the round, even though the stitches were bunched up on the circular needle, it looked kind of big after about 3 inches were done. I took the stitches off the needle and put them on a piece of yarn, and WOW--this thing was at least 4 inches too wide! For a tank that is supposed to be close-fitting, I don't think this will do. I carefully knit another swatch on size 3 (rather than size 4) needles, and I think that will work best, AND I will go down a size. Watch it be too small now! Anyway, as I didn't have a nice set of #3 circs in my collection, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to order one from KnitPicks as a test to see if I like their circulars--if I do, I will probably treat myself to the Options set. Everyone seems to love them so much! Once the #3's arrive, I will swatch again just to be sure, and then begin the tank again. In the meantime, I will get a lot done on the sock and the scarf that's been languishing for awhile.


Riggwelter said...

The sock looks great, good that you have a willing recipient!
I've seen those Options needles before, I want to get a set like that for my husband (knitting dad) for his birthday.
Good luck with Sockapalooza.

Briana - Horse Hound Knit Spin said...

My! You're a knitting fool! I have yet to conquer the sock. I JUST saw the comment you left about the Shetland Triangle and the variegated yarn. I really love the thicker yarn, but I just finished an other one in a thinner yarn (not lace weight though). As for the variegated I've seen it done and when it's a bunch of colors it's hard to see the pattern, but maybe if it has fewer color variations or the yarn is thicker that would be different. No? I just posted my info on the new Shetland Triangle in the thicker yarn if you want to see it.
Take care!

Anita said...

Those socks are really nice looking. What yarn are you using? Thanks for posting on my blog as well...I will definitely post if I do start a KAL.