Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Socks Do Rock

I finished the Pittsburgh Steelers Socks. They look great and my little fan loves them.

Now it is on to my Sockapalooza socks--I want to make sure I finish them in plenty of time. I have decided on Knitty's Hedera, a pattern by the awesome Cookie A. I had started a pair last year and felt that the Socks that Rock colorway I was using was too busy. I am going to use Socks That Rock again, in the Mustang Sally colorway from last year's Sock Club. It is mostly reds--gorgeous, deep hues--and I think these socks will look great in this colorway.
So now, with my tank ready to be re-started, I'm back up to three projects at once. But they're all great, and I'm happy.


Seanna Lea said...

Nice looking socks. The Steelers thing made my husband comment that it is 'gold.'

AlisonH said...

Now those are happy socks. Cool.

court said...

these are cool soxs. i bet ur lil fan loves them.