Saturday, September 07, 2013

Back to Blogging, from the Empty Nest

Hi everyone (if in fact anyone is listening!)

I've decided to try to return to blogging again, especially as I ponder the idea of a freelance career. Who knows, I may even start another blog having to do with one of my new areas of interest--stay tuned for more on that.

As for the knitting, I've been very busy the past several months knitting University of Michigan projects for my son, who is now a freshman, and my daughter, who is now a junior there. For my son, I made an afghan that looks lovely and I hope is keeping him as warm as a hug from mom. Also made him a hat--it gets cold in Ann Arbor!


My daughter moved into her first apartment with 5 friends and I knit them 4 dishcloths with the block "M" embedded inside. They were a big hit! The roommates were not familiar with dishcloths and were excited to use them. I'll have to get a report on whether they are actually washing dishes and how they compare to a sponge for these discerning young women.

Now it's on to some "Go Blue" accessories for me to wear when we go to a football game next month. I've already made one of my striped headbands (which I've made for many of the kids' friends in appropriate college colors); now in the midst of some fingerless mitts, and then will do a cowl.

The main project on my needles right now is a beautiful sweater for my daughter--the Estelle pullover. I'm using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted, which is superwash, in a beautiful sage green. After some initial mental blocks that prevented me from getting the right number after increasing, I'm now flying through it and just separated out the sleeves. Will probably put it on try-it-on-tubing soon to make sure the fit will be good.

So, the empty is definitely quiet here in our house, but I think I'm adjusting. Will see what other life changes this fall will I said, stay tuned as I hope to start blogging more regularly.

Glad to be back.

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